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Optimizing Operations by Streamlining End-of-Line Packaging Tasks with PalletWorks, a product by Cybertrol Engineering

Many manufacturing organizations mistake automation for integration. You may have a streamlined and efficient manufacturing execution system (MES) with an automated packaging system, but without real-time visibility into your product after production is complete, your system isn’t truly integrated.

There are manual tasks in the end-of-line production that can introduce opportunities for costly mistakes. End-of-line manufacturing setup options, like Cybertrol Engineering’s comprehensive software solution: PalletWorks, can help to improve inventory accuracy and operational efficiency by integrating your end-of-line tasks with your existing controls, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and warehouse management systems (WMS).

In this whitepaper, we will explore how PalletWorks differs from other end-of-line manufacturing solutions through features like real-time data sharing and exception handling to catch and prevent common end-of-line errors.

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